Facial Fat Injection

Facial lipo-injection is a procedure that sculpts and restores the face to its natural beauty. Age and exercise can produce fat atrophy (loss) in the faceresulting in a sunken, drawn appearance. Facial fat transfer recreates the natural, healthy appearance of a youthful face by restoring volume to it.
The fat is removed from the donor site (usually the belly, thighs or hips) with a small needle and processed to remove excess fluids and damaged fat cells. These fat
cells are then injected using a smaller needle just under the wrinkle or deep within the muscle (in some areas) to restore facial volume.

From where the fat is collected to be used for facial injection?

The fat to be used for facial fat injection is collected from the body parts of the individual. Since the abdomen is the most common area of fat accumulation almost in everybody, the fat to be injected to the face is often preferred to be collected from the abdominal area. However, fat can be collected from the flanks or hips, too, to inject to the face. In summary, fat can be collected from many parts of the body. Even it can be collected from the under-the-eye-area to remove the under-eye bags at the same time. Furthermore, the fat can be collected from the arms and legs, too.

How is the facial fat injection performed?

Local anesthesia is usually preferred to perform the facial fat injection. However, in some cases, it can be achieved when the patient is under general anesthesia. General anesthesia may become necessary, especially when a combined set of interventions are to be performed. After collecting the fat from the individual’s body, the accumulated fat is subjected to various processes such as washing and centrifugation to be turned into a form ready for injection. Then, the fat is transferred under the individual’s skin, using an injector. Then, the facial fat injection procedure is finalized.

Will facial fat injection provide lasting fullness?

It is not wrong to say that the persistence of the fullness in the face after fat injection depends on several factors. The higher the persistence of the original fat in the face of the individual, the higher the likelihood of the fat injected into the face will be. For example, the fat injected into the face to obtain a plumped-up appearance will be permanent as long as the individual maintains the body weight. However, losing weight is associated with losing fat in the entire body including the cheeks; therefore, the augmentation in the face will be lost, too.

How long does the facial fat injection procedure last?

The duration of the procedure will vary depending on the purpose and the amount of fat transferred to the area. The procedure is usually completed in 30 to 60 minutes. However, the injection procedures may need to take a longer time if there are depressions and irregular deformities on the face for various reasons.

Which parts of the face are the most common areas receiving fat injections?

Facial fat injection is most often performed to plump up the lips, ease the appearance of deep wrinkles around the mouth, and augment the cheekbones and the lower jaw.

In a sense, facial fat injection is most often preferred for improving aesthetic appearance. Since this procedure eliminated the need to undergo surgery to obtain minor contour changes on the face, it has brought along the rise in the demands for this intervention in recent years.

Facial fat injection can be performed before a facial aesthetic surgery, too, to foresee the future appearance of the face after the operation. For example, a patient wishing to have an augmented chin may like to undergo a fat injection before the lower jaw surgery to experience the future facial appearance in advance. If the patient finds the outcomes of the fat injection satisfactory, surgery can be scheduled.

What are the points to pay attention to after facial fat injection?

After the procedure is completed, a cold compress is applied to the injection site. The aim is to reduce and minimize any potential swelling. However, cold compressing does not cause any discomfort because only ice bags or cold gel is usually applied in the area of injection every 15 minutes.

There may be slight swelling at the site of intervention for two days. Only in lip augmentation, the swelling may last longer and the volume of swelling may be more compared to the fat injections made in the other areas of the face. The face can be washed one day later after the procedure. It may be necessary to apply a light massage to the area of intervention five days later following the procedure.

Small bandages are placed in the treated area after the intervention, and they are usually removed at the end of the same day or the next day. The use of antibiotics for five days may be required to eliminate the risk of infection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Facial Fat Injection Cause Dark Spots On The Skin?

Facial fat injection requires only the introduction of the needle of the injector into the skin. Other than this, no additional interventions are performed on the surface of the skin; therefore, it is not possible to induce dark skin spots.

Are Any Incisions Made To Perform Facial Fat Injection?

No. No incisions are made for collecting or injecting fat.

Can Facial Fat Injection Be Repeated?

A repeat injection can be performed after 6 months following the first facial fat injection.

Does A Repeated Facial Fat Injection Impose Any Risks?

A repeat procedure is only associated with a slight skin discoloration. However, the risk is low.

How Much Fat Will Be Persistent After The Facial Injection?

Research has shown that approximately half of the transferred fat can survive only for 6 months.

In which regions on the face will the injected fat be more permanent?

The fat will be more permanent on the less movable areas of the face. Persistence will be less in the actively moving areas.

Can Facial Fat Injection Be Performed To Experience the Potential Outcomes of Facial Surgery In Advance?

Facial fat injection can be performed before surgery so that the patient can experience the outcomes in advance.

Is Facial Fat Injection Performed in the Operating Room?

Although it is not an operation, facial fat injection should be performed under sterile conditions. Therefore, it may be performed in the operating room.

How Many Days Do People Stay In The Hospital After Facial Fat Injection?

Facial fat injection is not a procedure requiring the patient to stay in a clinical setting. The patient can return to the activities of the daily life on the same day of the procedure.

What should be paid attention to before facial fat injection?

Blood thinners should not be used for 10 days before the procedure. The patient should inform the physician about the drugs he / she uses.

Is Cream Use Allowed After Facial Fat Injection?

Moisturizing cream can be used one day after the procedure.

Is Sauna Allowed After Facial Fat Injection?

To minimize the potential swelling on the face, steam exposure should be avoided for approximately one week after the procedure.

Does Facial Fat Injection Cause Bruises?

Bruising may occur to some degree but it will be extremely vague and mild. However, it is going to disappear within a few days.

Does Facial Fat Injection Cause Pain?

There may be a slight sensation of pain only due to the injection. The recovery from the pain will be fast. Also, painkillers can be used.

Will Facial Asymmetry Occur Due To The Resorption Of the Transferred Fat?

No. The transferred fat in the facial injection procedure is resorbed homogeneously. The symmetrical appearance on the face will not be disturbed after the resorption of the transferred fat.

Can Facial Fat Injection Procedure Be Applied To The Eyelids?

Yes. Fat can be injected into the eyelids, too, just as any area on the face.

Can The Scar Marks Be Eliminated With The Facial Fat Injection?

Depending on the appearance of the scar, the marks can be eliminated or their appearances can be alleviated.

Is regular dressing necessary after facial fat injection?

No dressing is required after the procedure.

Is Makeup Allowed After Facial Oil Injection?

Use of cosmetics is not recommended for about 5 days after the procedure.

What Is The Difference Of Facial Fat Injection From Fillers?

The individual’s body fat is used in the facial fat transfer procedure. Filling involves the transfer of synthetic material to have a filling effect.

Can The Length Of Time Be Predicted For The Transferred Fat To Remain At The Area Of Injection?

No. The length of the time while the transferred fat will remain on the area of injection cannot be estimated before the procedure.

Can Facial Fat Injection Procedure Be Performed at Any Age?

Of course, it is possible to benefit from this procedure at any age.

Can Facial Fat Injection Be Applied To Pregnant Women?

Facial fat injection is associated with infection although the risk is low. Therefore, it is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.

Can Hollow Areas Under The Eyes Be Resolved With Facial Fat Injection?

The procedure can also be performed in the under-eye area.

Can Dieting Individuals Undergo Facial Fat Injection?

Since fat loss will occur in the body during the dieting process, it will be favorable to perform the facial fat injection after the end of the diet program.

What type of Needle Is Used in Facial Fat Injection?

A 2.4-mm cannula is used to harvest fat. To transfer fat to the area of intervention; 0.7-mm, 0.9-mm or 1.2-mm cannulas are used.

Does Facial Fat Injection Cause Allergy?

As the procedure involves the transfer of fat harvested only from the individual’s body , there is no risk of allergic reactions.

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