The Doc’s Travel Team, is a health tourism agency that provides the treatment at the most advanced health centers to the patients who prefer Turkey for medical tourism. The team works with the most professional and experienced pyhsicians in the country.

The Doc’s Travel Team selects expert and advanced physicians according to your complaints and expectations to provide the best and most accurate service at most eligible cost for you. They have an pre-interview with the physician you preferred and create your treatment plan.

The Doc’s Travel Team prepares the treatment plan with special prices and delivers it to you. They provide all the convenience and comfort throughout your treatment as necessary to make you feel like in your own country.

Your reports and state of health is delivered to our the most advanced physicians in their field of area from the time that you have contacted us and your treatment is created according to the physician’s directives.

  • Providing of your accommodation and transfer services.
  • Making all your preparations before and after treatment.
  • Providing your treatment at our European-standard hospitals.
  • Transfer to the physicians who undertake your treatment and expert in their fields as a result of your reports.
  • Giving translation services by our assistants during your treatment process.
  • Providing transportation to airport after treatment.