Brazilian Butt Lif

Brazilian butt aesthetics is a type of plastic surgery to achieve an upright and plumped-up appearance in the hips. The interest in this aesthetic operation has increased rapidly in recent years, since the appearance of a fuller butt with smooth lines is generally accepted as a symbol of charm and femininity.

Most commonly, two types of methods are used to correct and change the appearance of the hips accordingly. The first method allows the hips to be plumped-up using the patient’s body fat. The second method allows augmenting the hips with silicon butt prostheses. Your surgeon will select the method of Brazilian butt lift operation during the consultation with you. Also, other aesthetic procedures such as thigh lift, abdominal lift, breast augmentation, and liposuction can be performed in the same session of surgery together with the Brazilian Butt Lift; therefore, other needs of the patient can be evaluated during the consultation.

In Brazilian society, especially the structure of hips in women receives attention with their full, raised, and aesthetic appearance. Although their hips are not excessively large, they look raised and full. It is a genetic heritage for Brazilian women. This appearance of the butt can be maintained for a long time, supported by a proper diet and physical activity. People who do not have Brazilian butts can change their appearance by undergoing a Brazilian butt lift. A small touch can make the butt area look erect and full.

Brazilian Butt Aesthetics with Fat Injection

 If the butt region loses its fit appearance due to weight loss or aging or if you don’t like the shape of your hips, you can undergo a Brazilian butt lift with fat injection. Fat cells have the capacity to regenerate. Therefore, fat can be harvested from another part of your body to plump up the butt region. Since no incisions are made during the operation, the operation will leave no scar marks behind.

How Is Brazilian Butt Aesthetic Surgery Performed?

 The Brazilian Butt Lift operation is performed when the patient is under general anesthesia. The intervention takes approximately 2-3 hours. If silicone butt prosthesis is used during the intervention, plastic small tubes called drains will be placed at the site to prevent fluids accumulate and can be drained out after the surgery. Drains will be removed within 3-5 days. In order for the newly created butt appearance to remain in shape, patients should wear a special corset for several weeks, as recommended by the doctor.

Patients stay in the hospital overnight because general anesthesia is used. Light pain and fatigue that may occur after surgery can be reduced with medications prescribed by the doctor. It is recommended that patients do not sit down compressing their hips for the first days during the recovery period but rather they should prefer to sit down on their sideways. This way, the silicone prosthesis will not migrate and can adapt to its place. With the reduction of swelling at the site, the new butt shape becomes apparent within 3-6 months.

Recovery after Brazilian Butt Aesthetics

If Brazilian butt aesthetics is performed by injecting fat, patients may return to their jobs after two weeks at the latest. However, a pillow should be used to support the body while sitting to prevent compression on the buttocks until recovery is fully achieved. It takes approximately 7-8 weeks for the patients to recover completely and return to their normal lives.

If a silicone butt prosthesis is placed, it can take up to three weeks for patients to return to work. Similarly, pillows should be used in the sitting position. At the end of this process, patients can start driving. However, the use of pillows will be useful in the sitting position. It requires 8-10 weeks to engage in physical activities and workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most important feature of Brazilian butt aesthetics?

The most important feature of Brazilian butt is not the large buttocks. The shape of the buttocks aimed via performing the Brazilian Butt Lift is to achieve to create a smooth skin over the area and a tight, firm and protruded appearance of the hips. The appearance of such hips can be acquired by a combination of genetic factors, diet, and workouts. Furthermore, those individuals who wish to undergo a Brazilian butt lift can undergo plastic surgery. Today, you can acquire such a butt shape with the help of quite advanced techniques.

Can Brazilian Butt Aesthetics Be Reversed?

If you want to reverse the appearance acquired by Brazilian butt aesthetics made by fat injection, the injected fat can be drained out. If a silicone butt prosthesis is used, you can return to your old butt shape by removing the prostheses.

Can Fat Be Harvested From Another Individual To Be Used In Brazilian Butt Aesthetics?

Fat from another individual cannot be used because the body perceives it as a foreign object. Individuals who wish to acquire a Brazilian butt lift can only have their fat tissue injected.

If the individual puts on weight after the Brazilian Butt Aesthetics, will the butts enlarge?

Part of the fat tissue injected into the area during butt aesthetics remains permanent. If the person gains weight afterward, butts may enlarge to some extent. However; when you gain weight, the hip area will not be the only region to accumulate fat, requiring you to put on a lot of body weight.

How Long Does A Session Of Brazilian Butt Aesthetic Surgery Last?

Butt aesthetics should be performed by a specialist plastic surgeon in a full-fledged hospital when the patient is under general anesthesia. The operation takes about 3-3.5 hours.

Where Is The Fat Harvested to Be Used For Brazilian Butt Aesthetics?

The fat to be injected for Brazilian butt aesthetics is harvested from at least two different regions of the body. These areas are mostly the areas close to the butt area, such as the hips, abdomen, waist, and inner thighs.

Can Anyone Undergo Brazilian Butt Aesthetics?

If the person does not have any health problems, the surgery can be performed.

Is It necessary To Put On Compression Garments After Brazilian Butt Aesthetics?

After the procedure, patients should wear a special compression garment for 10-12 days.