Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction is both a plastic and reconstructive surgery to create an aesthetically ideal breast appearance. Because the large breasts cause lower back pain, back pain, and may cause humps in the back in later years.

Due to the compression caused by bra straps; arm and hand numbness, as well as, difficulties in breathing may occur. Therefore, individuals with large and sagging breasts should benefit from breast reduction surgery to have a more aesthetically proportioned body appearance. Surgery is recommended to be planned without waiting for all these health problems to occur. Genetic factors, breastfeeding, weight gain, and many other factors can cause breasts to enlarge. Large breasts can also cause itching in the skin. Therefore, breast reduction surgery is not only an aesthetic type of surgery, but also an essential one to protect the well being of the individual.

How Is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Before the breast reduction surgery, the ideal breast size is determined for the patient and surgery is planned according to the breast structure of the individual. General anesthesia is administered to the patient before starting the operation. During the surgery, incisions are made to remove the excess skin over the breasts along with excess fat and glandular tissue inside. The skin over the breasts and the tissue and areola are positioned correctly and aesthetically corrected.

Then the incision is sutured and closed. This procedure is performed for both breasts, and it is completed in a period from 3 to 5 hours depending on the patient’s breast structure. The patient can be discharged from the hospital after a one-day rest in the clinical setting. Breast tissue and sutures are checked out once a week by performing a physical examination. Sutures are usually removed after 2 weeks.

There may be a slight pain after surgery, but it will be controlled with pain medication. After the operation, the patient should use a sports bra for a while. A slight stinging or burning sensation may occasionally occur time to time for approximately 12 months.

What Should Be Paid Attention To After the Surgery?

At least 3 days of rest at home is essential after the breast surgery. Patients should comply with the dressing procedures regularly after the surgery because appropriate dressing is essential.

The arms should not be strained, and carrying heavy lifts should be avoided for 4 weeks. Mild edema may occur after the surgery and it disappears spontaneously within 4 weeks.

The sutures are removed after 12 to 15 days following the surgery. During this period, painkillers should be used regularly. Smoking should be definitely avoided for 1 month after the surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Breast Reduction Surgery Leave Scars?

During the surgery, incisions are made because excess fat and skin tissue need to be removed. Therefore, slight scarring may remain. This scar will soon even out with the skin color of the individual, becoming more vague over time.

Are There Any Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery?

As it is true for any type of surgery, there are risks for some complications and risks of anesthesia associated with the breast reduction surgery.

Is A Resting Period Required After Breast Reduction Surgery?

After the surgery, a one-day rest is required. You can return to your daily life on the day after the operation.

Does Breast Reduction Surgery Cause Breast Cancer?

This surgery never causes breast cancer and does not increase the risk of breast cancer.

When Can I Return To Normal Life After Breast Reduction Surgery?

The patient may return to work one week after the surgery provided that the job position is not a physically demanding one.

Does Breast Reduction Surgery Damage Milk Ducts?

Surgery does not cause any harm to the milk ducts. It does not prevent breastfeeding in the future and does not cause any changes in the quantities of milk to be produced.

Is There A Possibility That Breasts Enlarge Further After The Reduction Surgery?

If the patient gains excess weight, the breasts will enlarge, too, just like the other parts in the entire body. However, the postoperative outcomes will not be affected by putting or losing weight within the ideal body weight limits.

Can Breast Reduction Surgery Be Repeated?

A repeat surgery can be performed on demand and a further reduction in the volume of breasts can be accomplished.

Can Breast Reduction Surgery Be Performed Immediately After Giving Birth?

The hormones in the body should be in a balanced status to perform the surgery. Therefore, surgery can be performed after 3 to 6 months following the breastfeeding.

Will There Be A Degree Of Loss Of Sensation In The Nipples After The Surgery?

All the nerves that innervate the nipple are protected during this operation. Therefore, there is no loss of sensation in the nipple after the operation.

Does Breast Reduction Surgery Cause Pain?

Mild pain may occur after the surgery. Painkillers help relieve this type of pain. A slight stinging and burning sensation may occasionally occur at times during a 6-month period.

What Should Be Paid Attention To Before Breast Reduction Surgery?

The use of blood-thinning medications should be stopped one week before the surgery. Alcohol and smoking should be stopped 48 hours before the operation.

What Should Be Paid Attention To After Breast Reduction Surgery?

Taking a shower should be avoided for 3 days after the operation and appropriate dressing of the incision sites should not be neglected. Engaging in physical activities should be avoided as much as possible during the rest period. It is recommended to use sports bras for 1 month.

Can Breast Lifting Be Performed In Combination With Breast Reduction Surgery?

The operation is performed to give the breasts the most aesthetic appearance. Breasts can acquire a more raised appearance.

When Will The Sutures Be Removed After The Surgery?

The time to remove the sutures may vary depending on the duration of tissue healing. Sutures are usually removed after a maximum of 15 days.

Does sagging occur after breast reduction surgery?

Sagging occurs at a larger extent in large breasts. There will be no sagging due to surgery. However, sagging of the breasts will naturally occur over time throughout ageing.

Can Asymmetric Appearance Of Breasts Be Corrected With Breast Reduction Surgery?

Both breasts are given a symmetrical appearance in the operation. The asymmetric appearance can be corrected during breast reduction surgery and the intervention can be applied to a single breast.