PRP (platelet-rich plasma) Therapy For Hair

Many problems including hair loss, excess grease, and dandruff may involve the hair and the scalp. These problems may occur due to various reasons; however, they are mostly related with hair follicles and blood circulation. PRP hair treatment is performed to eliminate these problems. It is the transfer of the isolated centrifuged blood of the patient to his/her hair follicles.

What is PRP performed for?

PRP is performed to have healthy hair and healthy scalp so that these latter two components will prevent hair loss. PRP allows the hair to grow more stronger than before. PRP facilitates blood supply to hair to receive nutrients more readily. Therefore, it is performed to help the hair grow longer.

Who should undergo the PRP Therapy For Hair?
  • People with hair loss
  • Individuals, who underwent hair transplantation previously and who aim to have their transplanted hair to get stronger.
  • People, who complain of late and inappropriate hair growth
  • People suffering from persistent dandruff and grease in the hair
How is the procedure performed?

A total of 2-3 tubes of blood is collected from the individual, centrifuged and it components are isolated, and converted to a platelet-rich plasma sample. This platelet-rich plasma is injected under the scalp. The injected platelet-rich plasma helps the hair to become lush, strengthens the hair follicles, and facilitates blood supply, enhancing the hair growth.

How Long Does A Session Of Intervention Last?

To achieve the final results, 3 or 4 sessions are required. One session of the intervention approximately takes 40-55 minutes